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SMT is contributing a key role to automate the education system and upgrade the educational institutes to an advance level.

SMT Software Modules

Main Services

We are providing the following services to all our customers in a single package. Please hover on each service for explanation.

Mobile App For Your School

We will provide android apps for your school, make you able to monitor your school on your finger tips. Parents and students can have everything on their finger tips. Your staff and teachers will be able to download it from Play Store!

RFID System

Once Student enters the school a message trigger to his parents that your child enter the school, same for exit if a student leaves the school an auto massage trigger to his parents. It will give you complete In/out record your of students, you can retrieve complete year data.

School Management System (SMT Software)

We will make your complete school management system online. It will cover all activities which are essential within the educational institutes as Attendance, Home Work, Exams, Results, Notifications via SMS and Fee management.

Teacher & Staff Training

We have experts who will arrange training for teachers, accountants, librarians, administrators and for all the staff. They will give technical training to staff regarding School Management System.

24/7 Support & Maintenance

Our Support Team will manage the website and will help you out in case of any technical issues Our Support Team will manage the website and will help you out in case of any technical issues 24/7.

Domain and Hosting

Domain purchase and hosting are included in the package. We provide you with your school domain and fast hosting for school website.

SMS/Email Notification

The best service of our Online Management System is SMS notifications where SMS will be sent out automatically to the absent students’ parents. Moreover, any SMS or notification can be sent out to students, parents or teachers.

Android TV APP

It is special app designed for the institute owner/Principal to monitor all his/her campuses from single place, even can monitor from home. It will give complete activity of your campuses including finance and feeses.

Student, Parents, Staff, Admin Access every where!

Access Portals

The school management software includes 25+ modules with different inbuilt  users (Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent and Student) panel.
Note: You can create your own user as per your desire assigned roles. Demos for some users.

Accordion Content

Parents can have a look at all important activities and check the performance of their children.

  • Dashboard Showinng All Performance Overview
  •  Child wise Performance
  • Child Home work
  • Child Assignments
  • View Child Subjects & Marks
  • View and Print Class Time Table
  • View and Print Exam Time Table
  • Teacher’s Notices & Massages
  • Awards & Gifts by School
  • View Exam Reports & Mark Sheets
  • Fee History
  • Fee Invoices
  • Library Book Issued to your child
  • Library Books
  • Transport Route Panel
  • Child hostel room
  • Upcoming Events Information

Students can access study material, view class and exam time table, check their attendance and result and a lot more.

  • Interactive Dashboard Showinng All Performance Overview
  • Class Home work
  • Assignments
  • Study materials
  • Attendance History
  • View and Print Class Time Table
  • Marks sheets
  • View and Print Exam Time Table
  • View Class Subjects & Marks
  • Teacher’s Notices & Massages
  • Awards & Gifts by School
  • View Exam Reports
  • Fee History
  • Fee Invoices
  • Library Book Issue Requests
  • Library Assigned Book Lists
  • Transport Route Panel
  • Assigned Route Driver Info
  • Upcoming Events Information

The accountant would be having the control from student fee to school financial control system, can also access and manage the earning and expense sheet along with payroll reports and salary slips.

  • School Financial Control System
  • Students Fee Collection
  • Fee SMS
  • Generate Student Fee
  • Balance Fee Reports
  • Paid vs Due Analysis
  • Payment Slip
  • Staff Payroll
  • Payroll Reports
  • Leaves reports
  • Financial Graphs
  • Expense Sheet
  • Earning Sheet
  • Dues Control System

Teacher Portal is very rich and includes all necessary options regarding students: attendance, homework and assignments, uploading study material, timetable, grades, marks etc.

  • Student Attendance
  • Student Attendance Report
  • Student Admission
  • Exam Schedule
  • Marks Entries
  • Student Report
  • Student History
  • Guardian Report
  • Student  and Parent Login Details
  • Student Timeline
  • Marks Grade
  • Class Timetable
  • Assign Subject
  • Upload Content
  • Assign Home work
  • Homework Evaluation
  • Homework Report
  • Assignments
  • Email / SMS
  • Admin can Assign and unassigned certain roles to teachers.

Librarian will have an extraordinary portal for all important information regarding books.

  • Dashboard Showing Analysis
  • Total Books
  • Books Category
  • ISBN Based Record
  • Books Stock Control
  • Price List
  • Stock Counts
  • Author Record
  • Publisher Record
  • Issued Books Record
  • Books Issue Requests
  • Book Return & Late Fine
  • Student registration
  • Notice Board
  • Email / SMS
  • reviewing Staff
  • Admin can Assign and unassigned certain roles.

Meeting the variety of his or her roles, the receptionist would have a phone call log, postal receive and dispatch, visitor book, notice board etc.

  • Follow Up Admission Enquiry
  • Visitor Book
  • Phone Call Log
  • Postal Dispatch
  • Postal Receive
  • Setup Front Office
  • Calendar To Do List
  • Notice Board
  • view SMS/Emails
  • View school Staff
  • View Class Timetable
  • View Subjects
  • View Classes and Sections
  • View Assigned Class Teacher
  • Admin can Assign and unassigned certain roles.

Admin has full access to the school management and the control of all the modules. He also has full control over roles assigning.

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